Company Profile
 is operated by Metaxas CompuPlanet Ltd. The Company was founded in August 1999 as a computer retailer with a mission to provide corporate, education, government, and consumer customers with quality brand name personal computers, computer software, accessories, peripheral and networking products at the most competitive pricing.  High quality of products and services, unparalleled customer support and effective marketing strategies were the crucial factors leading to the Company’s rapid growth and remarkable success. Moreover, we understand that pricing is a huge concern to all of our customers. We have pledged to take the responsibility of pricing our products as low as possible.

Metaxas CompuPlanet was trusted to represent such reputable companies as Gateway, Apple, Dell, HP, Lexmark, Logitech, Garmin, Cisco, Intel, Linksys, Microsoft etc.

Metaxas CompuPlanet' agencies helped the Company to increase sales and profitability, and to penetrate the business sector. The Company enjoys loyal and reputable customer base.

Our goal is to provide you the customer with top-notch, courteous and professional help and advice to select the right product and accessories for your needs.