We are glad to offer to our corporate customers Maintenance and Support Services. If a customer chooses to be provided with such services, a relevant Maintenance and Support Services Agreement is usually signed and normally it implies the following:

 1) Preventive maintenance (regular site visits – twice a year at mutually convenient times).

 2) Operation Support: Telephone support to provide, advice, and assist with problems that can be solved over the telephone.  The telephone support includes assistance support on the operation of the equipment in case of a problem or difficulty is encountered by the customer’s staff.  In case the problem or difficulty is not resolved over the telephone, on-site support by qualified staff will be immediately provided.  General questions regarding the operation of the supplied equipment can also be addressed to the support e-mail address of our company: ( Response to e-mails is usually within the hour.

3) Fault diagnosis and fault repair in the event of hardware or software failure. On-site support and fault recovery services are available based on a 50 hours per week coverage (Monday through Friday8:30am – 18:30pm). Qualified maintenance personnel will be available on call on any hours that are Board working hours and are not covered in the above schedule.  In the event of failure and/or problematic operation, response to calls by technicians is usually within the same hour, and does not exceed 3 hours.  

4) Corrective maintenance - Replacement of faulty parts or equipment within 24 hours of identifying the requirements, in order to maintain the supplied equipment in good operating condition.  Faulty parts or complete systems will be replaced with brand new ones.  Items or complete units that cannot be repaired within 48 hours from the time the fault is reported shall be replaced by operational items until the faulty ones are repaired and delivered ready for use.  Any faulty items or complete units that can not be repaired within reasonable time will be replaced by brand new and unused item with identical or better characteristics, performance, availability and functionality. Such replacements are covered under the warranty or the subsequent Maintenance and Support Services Agreement, and shall not be charged.

5) Installation and testing of new software releases, such as driver updates, utilities, or patches that become available and are essential to the smooth operation of the equipment. Board will also be notified of new software releases that are not essential but optional to the Board discretion. 

Should you be interested in Maintenance and Support Services of our team, kindly contact us at .